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Direct Democracy in the municipal scope
Reference models
Demopunk Net, November 2002

In January/99 Demopunk Net's pages published a draft of guidelines about political freedoms of Direct Democracy in the municipal scope. Almost four years later -as result of continuous work of this small collective on radical democracy- we delivery the reference model of a Municipal Regulations on Participative Democracy. Basically, it defines and regulates the political freedoms of binding referendum, and its popular and institutional initiative.

Model for Electoral Programme

In some towns it is being introduced in electoral programmes for municipal elections. If you are interested on development of Direct Democracy and takes part in making municipal electoral programmes, may be you must know this proposal. If you are in Spain, it is advisable to read the FAQ-España about Direct Democracy in the municipal scope.

Following a short description of the Municipal Regulations on Participative Democracy can be found:


The regulations being launched is part of a long-term project, whose goal is to provide democrat people with reference models. Models to spread and settle political freedoms on Direct or Participative Democracy. The project meets three wide areas, being eventually materialized in three reference models:

Municipal Regulations on Participative Democracy
Municipal Regulations on Participative Budget
Municipal Regulations on Residents' Associations

Reference models

Propaganda media and organic intelligentsia of the Regime are used to discrediting Direct Democracy by means of acritical references about its lack of feasibility or absence of records. It is used to refusing cynically the political confrontation, using as excuse the supposed "immaturity" of a real current of opinion, avoiding this part of the debate about crisis of representative democracy.

This effort of political technology tries to overcome the dialectical stage which the own Regime avoids deliberately.The existence of reference models, set out as article normative, means a concrete proposal hard to ignore.

As every reference model, its implementation requires suitable adaptations; being advisable to embody elements which guarantees its feasibility within a given political reality. We hope this work will carry out its goals: to be political reference, suggesting ideas, concepts and procedures about Participative Democracy in the municipal scope.


The Municipal Regulations on Participative Democracy copes with following concepts and political freedoms:


Normative development of these models lacks well-defined methodology. It is significative lack, but also it is inevitable in view of our material and personal limitations. However, following design criteria could be pointed up:


Demopunk Net's pages want to host and spread another experiences and projects on Participative Democracy in the municipal scope, specially if they have reached a normative development.

Participative Budget

For more information see: