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Outlawing of political parties in Spain

Speeding-up of democratic degeneration in Spain has set levels of warranties under minima of legitimacy. Spanish Regime -become in one of the main rentiers of ETA's crimes- has created the crime of identity with terrorism, which has multiplied the number of political prisoners and victims of administrative reprisal. Nauseas before ETA's crime, together with a huge indoctrination of propaganda media, is letting spanish democrat people are playing down the biggest regression since franquist Transition.

We unknow future reach of crime of identity with terrorism, but it has been exhaustively applied. Every accusation leads to political prisioners or victims of reprisal. For the Regime, the outlawed political party "is" ETA, the disolved parliamentary groups "are" ETA, young organization of the mentioned party "is" source of ETA, closed newspapers "are" publications of ETA, closed social associations "are" ETA, closed social centers "are" owned by ETA, electoral lists declared null and void "are" ETA, closed Internet websites "are" owned by ETA, imprisoned councilmen "belong" ETA. And of course, who dare to criticize hardly this regression "are" supporters of ETA(!!).

We state our maximum scorn for the spanish nationalism of Regime which exploits politically pain, and for vasque nationalism for its continuos sympathy before political crime of ETA. Both sides have provoked the biggest fall of the sickly spanish predemocracy.

This page maintains information on main events of this repressive escalation. Likewise Demopunk Net maintains information of democratic research on self-determination right, that we offer proudly as political technology in the service of political pacifism.

9/MAY/2003. Spanish Regime prevents at least 10% of electors from voting in the Northern of Spain, turning next local elections into illegitimate.

Fast degeneration of democratic conditions in Spain has reached a non-return point, preventing potential electors of an outlawed regional party from effective right of vote.

According previous reports, the outlawing of this party is gone with an incredible increase of political prisioners and victims of administrative reprisal, due to an attitude of "sympathy" with terrorism that Regimen has turned into a crime of "identity" with terrorism.

Spanish Regime has just declared null and void hundreds of independent electoral lists, considering them "similar" to the party outlawed several months ago. This party reached in the last elections 10% of votes, with a ceil of 18.9% in 1990. There is not any effective chance of over 10% of electors in the Northern in Spain to be able to exercise their political freedom to elect their local representatives.

It is highly probable this democratic degeneration provokes a spiral of violence in next electoral day 25 of May, and during constitution of future and illegitimate town councils.

Demopunk Net makes a very special call for avoiding every kind of violence of both Regime and concerned people. Political pacifism is a moral duty which does not admite any excuse.

5/MARCH/2003. Civil rights in Spain, plastic stuff in the hands of elites.

Although monitoring of civil rights in Spain is not an aim of Demopunk's pages, again we have to assume the duty of reporting their deep deterioration in Spain, using the alibi of struggle against "terrorism".

Since several months, political-media strategy of spanish Regime consists of identifying the terrorist group ETA with its environment of "sympathy". It is not a rhetorical identification, it is a solid identity becoming into a crime of involvement in murders; sending politicians, journalists and social activists to jail. Who report that such a strategy leads to the existence of real political prisoner have to bear insults and veiled threaths, to put with manichean simplicity of being accused of involvement in terror (!!). Deterioration of civil rights is an evidence, at least for the minority wanting to retain them (the majority of the spanish society remains within the same historical levels of political apathy) About these issues, we have informed several times: 10/JUL/02, 9/SEP/02 y 20/SEP/02.

On this occasion, we echo the report of International Amnesty about the closure of a newspaper and the solitary confinement of its executives. After ten days, we do not know yet the foundations of such an action. As in another occasions, we have only information from propaganda media of the Regime, stressing the aforementioned crime of "identity". From point of view of Demopunk's pages, reports and warnings from International Amnesty deserve plenty credibility due to maintain coherently a continous condemnation against violence.

This situation lives with numerous detention of people of muslim origin, subjected to "antiterrorist" legislation, under accusation of belonging of the network of the so-called "worldwide terrorism". On the edge of nonsense, these detentions are much-trumpeted by propaganda media, but until now EVERYONE have been freed due to absence of evidences.

20/SEPTEMBER/2002. Democratic decomposition of spanish Regime goes on

As expected, the outlawing of the political party EH goes on provoking democratic decomposition of the spanish Regime. The presidency of a regional parliament has withdrawn the majority of the political rights of elected deputies belonging to mentioned party, under circumstances so irregular that a dangerous democratic involution is expected.

Despite the Art.67.2 of the spanish constitution states pompously deputies are not bounded to any external mandate, the sad realities are different. Closed lists in legislative elections and the ban for deputies on secret voting in the Parliament (see Art.85 of Regulations of Congress) turn our elected representatives into puppets owned by the writers of electoral lists.

But keeping the constitutional charade about deputies do not suffer from external mandate, implies regulations of every parliaments allow deputies form a group "freely"; no criteria of grouping by parties are rules, it is supposely an individual decision of every deputy. Therefore, during last August spanish democrats were surprised by the resolution of a low-level judge "ordering" regional parliaments to dissolve a parliamentary group due to outlawing a political party.

In spite of Parliamentary Groups are in fact the institutional transfiguration of political parties, constitutionally there is not any linkage between a party and elected representatives. Outlawing a party cannot provoke elected deputies lose their more significative political rights, which are exercised by means of parliamentary groups. No parliamentary rule book -neither national nor regional- has yet dared to state against the constitutional charade which denies hypocritically the linkage between deputies and political parties; merely, no parliament is ready to fufill such a judicial "order".

But regional elite of Navarra have resolved so much inconsistency. Two weeks after receiving the judicial "order", the president of regional parliament of Navarra together with the four deputies leading the parliamentary groups have written and approved a modification of the Regulations whereby a parliamentary group is dissolved (and the economical subvention is withdrawn) if ordered by judicial resolution; even if it is not final, even from a low-level judge, even retroactively. This aggresion from only five people are absolutely legal, according the Art.40.2 of the own Regulations. The rest of regional deputies do not want and cannot say anything. Integral text for motivated reader is offered.

Sadly summing up, we watch as a low-level judge by means a mere non-final judicial proceeding and the obvious complicity of regional elite of Navarra (that is, only six people) cancel political rights of elected representatives.

When talking about democratic involution is not a rhetorical term. The regional parliament of Basque Country has also received such a judicial "order", but in this case they refuse to modify their Regulations; they claim having received a non-applicable "order". Reaction of spanish Regime has been alarming; the president of Supreme Court threatens to judge by disobedience to regional deputies, the most irate elite of spanish nationalism publicly ask national power for dissolving the regional institutions (initiative with legal support too: the Art.155 of the constitution seems having been copied from Franco's legislation).

09/SEPTEMBER/2002. Democratic regression in Spain. The Regime outlaws a party backed by 10% of votes

Spanish democrats watch in alarm the most severe democratic regression from the Fascist Transition (1975-1980). As could be feared (see information in 10/Juy/2002) the law of outlawing political parties has been imposed on the party EH, a regional party backed by 10% of votes (in 1990 supported by 18.3% of votes). By means of a sequence of institucional acts that ridicules separation of powers, national elite have outlawed this party due to its "relation" with the violent organization ETA which criminal activity, even remarkably decreased, goes on suffering basque and spanish people.

Severity of this democratic regression just lies in subjectivity of the term "relation". In contrast to homogeneous propaganda of the Regime, people interested in watching spanish realities must know that identity between EH and ETA is a propaganda topic offending evidence, that there is not relation of necessary complicity, that ETA's crimes are not planned, financed or executed by EH. But also they must know that there is a relation of mutual congeniality, that some persons have been bound to both organizations, that EH renders homage to prisoner and deceased belonging to ETA, that statements of some persons are clear eulogy of violence.

The party EH has been outlawed by its "relation" of congeniality with ETA; an active congeniality exhibited without shame, nauseating pacifist and democrat collective in Spain. But real position is very far from moral legitimacy to outlaw a real political party. Political parties are central institutions within actual democratic culture; outlawing a political party is a very grave decision that cancels untouchable political freedoms (in this case of thousands people).

Democratic regression has reached the point of forbiding the large pacifical demonstrations against the outlawing, closing every supporting media (press, websites, ...), closing sympathizer sites (bars, pubs, ...), political and judicially putting pressure on USA and Australia to close websites; and likely regression will increase (see news from Amnesty International). Only a regime blinded by its spanish nationalism could vindicate such a regression, appropriating politically distress of victims of ETA while refusing to articulate pacifically the self-determination right.

Outlawing a party by a "relation" of congeniality is miserable. We cannot understand why the no rejection of ETA's crimes by EH is more contemptible than kisses and kindness of the Head of spanish State (the monarch Juan Carlos I) and of his prime minister to the dictator of Saudi Arabia. The monarch Juan Carlos I had better read the reports of International Amnesty than wine and dine every summer for saudi dictator, or the dictators of Morocco, Kuwait or Jordan. We cannot understand either, why hypocrisy of EH about violence of ETA is more contemptible than permanent refusal to recognize the Franco's genocide on the part of the political party which, from the government, has promoved this outlawing. If the behaviour of EH deserves outlawing, what about the monarch and the philo-fascist party?

Since scarcities of the defective spanish predemocracy and the miserable political position of the outlawed party, actual events were foreseeable. But in this fight of cooks there are more victims. The spanish regime, in its eagerness to indoctrinate people, has built a manichean atmosphere. Who do not think according official pattern is tagged as accomplice of the violents, acussed ironically by a regimen under permanent suspicion of dirty war. Complicity that has sometimes price: complete teams of television have been victims of a reprisal due to "formal defects" in news programmes. As a result, the Regime and its propaganda media exhibit so stressed paroxysm that provokes among people real fear of voicing freely their opinnions.

The reader must also know the criminal organization ETA, thanks to policial efficiency and international collaboration, has decreased markedly its activity, and the outlawed party shows an obvious electoral decline, may be attribuible to its hypocrisy about violence. Therefore, we are not able to understand the machiavellian reasons hidden by this act of structural violence of national elite.

From democrat passion we demand vigorously the restoration of political freedoms in Spain.

10/JULIO/2002. El Régimen español aprueba la ley de ilegalización de partidos políticos

Acaba de ser aprobada, con pomposo nombre, la Ley Orgánica de Partidos Políticos, sin embargo por encima del 80% de sus artículos se dedican a reglamentar el procedimiento de ilegalización de partidos políticos, el resto de ellos no pasan de ser bonitas y huecas intenciones sin respaldo reglamentario.

Para aquellos que desconocen la penosa agenda política en España merece la pena una breve explicación. La tramitación de esta ley se debe a la virulenta confrontación entre nacionalistas que satura la actualidad politica española, de la cual las páginas de Demopunk han informado en varias ocasiones (1/Marzo/2002, 22/Diciembre/2000, ...). Probablemente esta ley provocará en breve la ilegalización de los partidos políticos del independentismo vasco. La espiral de violencia no acaba.

Pero ante todo para la población demócrata radical, esta es una oportunidad perdida. Habría sido la ocasión de abordar el gravísimo problema del "mandato imperativo" de nuestros representantes, que mantiene podridas las raices del sistema representativo de la predemocracia española (especialmente al tratarse de nuestra única libertad política). Las páginas de Demopunk han abordado en diferentes ocasiones esta problemática y mantiene algunas secciones monográficas:

1/OCTUBRE/00. "Transfugismo" y representación
27/ENERO/00. Las elecciones han terminado

Por la Reforma Electoral en España. Voto Personal Transferible
Elecciones Primarias de Candidatos

El lector interesado puede comprobar como la ley no hace la más mínima mención al precepto constitucional del "mandato imperativo" (y mucho menos lo reglamenta y protege), artículo 67.2; artículo tan vacio y hueco como la presente ley, como su constitution, y como el aburrido Régimen que sufrimos. Simplemente, este problema no existe para las élites que nos gobiernan.

La mencionada ley es tan penosamente monográfica que ni siquiera aborda el importante problema de la financiación de los partidos políticos, que es despachado con una referencia a la actual Ley Orgánica sobre Financiación de los Partidos Políticos de 1987; la cual ha demostrado ser un coladero de corrupción que en algunos sectores industriales y financieros llega a lastrar el propio crecimiento económico.

Prácticamente nadie nos acompaña en tan severas críticas. Ni los medios de propaganda, ni los ámbitos universitarios. Ni por supuesto ningún partido político (de izquierda a derecha), realmente los principales beneficiarios de un Régimen capaz de prohibir el voto secreto a sus diputados en las decisiones de importancia, véase el impresionante artículo 85 del Reglamento del Congreso español.

La Historia es caprichosa. Mientras se aprobaba esta decepcionante ley, de nuevo -como ya ocurrió en Enero/1999- el Presidente del Gobierno en un mismo acto sustituye ministros, nombra al Presidente del Senado, sustituye a Presidentes de Comunidades Autónomas y reorganiza cargos internos de su partido. Todo un ejemplo de separación de poderes y de ausencia de "mandato imperativo" en los representantes. En el límite del esperpento, otro personaje de la élite política nos ofrece las siguientes declaraciones (una guinda final para el lector todavía escéptico):
"... quien realmente elige a los candidatos es el Comite Electoral que yo presido. No tengo más que decir que quien decide estatutariamente y quien realmente elige a los candidatos es el Comite Electoral Nacional" (ABC, 28/Jun/2002).

1/MARCH/2002. Spiral of political represion in Spain

Last months, in Sapin tens of persons related with the basque independentist movent have been imprisioned. The political crimes of the terrorist organization ETA become the emotive excuse to break basque independentism up politically.

What begins as ambiguous laws against terrorist eulogy, have became into prison repression of a significant number of persons. The penal charges become known to public opinion are unacceptable within a public fredooms regime. Propaganda media are are spreading that charges are "international public relationships of ETA", "to point to criminal targets of ETA by means of independentist newspapers", "to belong to the ETA's nursery", "to support convicts belonging to ETA". Tens of persons stand in prision waiting such trials.

As might have been expected, such judicial decisions (preventive imprisionment) are tinged by superior judicial authorities. But "fortuitously", judges who dare to make such tingings have just eventually removed from office by to release drug dealers. Other "coincidence" like the judge Gomer de Liaño affair, who dare to imprision a leader of the dirty war against ETA, and shortly after he was removed from office due to pervert of the course of justice against a tycoon.

During last months laws are being written which will be going to outlaw the basque independentist party.

Democrat people are the first political victims of this conflict among spanish and basque nationalism. On the one hand a regime is imposed where independentist cannot have democratic ways, on the other hand the political crimes of ETA destroy lifes and families.

22/DECEMBER/2000. ETA and Spanish Regime. Nauseas by political crime.

Demopunk pages, encouraged by the same passion to unmask the ridiculous democratic self-legitimization of the spanish regime, would like to state our nauseas and surfeit by the political crimes of ETA. They should not think that structural violence derived from negation and repression of the self-determination right, is enough even to hit slaps anybody, much less to burst lifes and families.

We are aware of spanish regime feeds back political regimen, generation after generation. Conscious its propaganda media provoke anger to anybody moderately informed. Because the thin population who gasp any breathing out of the media bubble, know regime exercises physical, political and structural violence when needed. But neither regime protects us from ETA, nor ETA protects us from regime. Nor the end of one of them could round off with political violence.

The solution, remote solution, only arises from the permanent booing of a satiated society. And we must call on particularly democrat nationalist, spanish and basque, to defuse their mad brothers.

We are fed up with all of you. Very odd!

Letter-bomb for a friend. Lucía Draín